What Are Your Options When You Think Your Tree Is Infected With A Disease?

What Are Your Options When You Think Your Tree Is Infected With A Disease?

The trees that grow in the forest are usually naturally in their own habitat so they are accustomed to the climate, local insect pests, animals, fungi, and diseases. They still get all of the pests and diseases but usually not to the extent that an imported tree would. If you take a nice ornamental tree from a tropical location and replant it to a dryer cooler climate, it will be stressed and susceptible to many diseases that it has no resistance to. However, with some care, you can help almost any tree that the weather doesn’t kill, to thrive in your local area. Fungi and diseases are the first worry.

Many Tree Diseases Can Be Avoided

Tree Fungi

This is a hard concept to explain, but some trees actually enjoy going longer periods of time between watering. If you water them too much, they’ll get fungi, then rot and die. Or they might get some rotting branches that are great homes for certain insects that will bring more disease, decay, and eventually cause the tree to die. The point is, take the time to look up your tree on the internet and find out how much water, type of soil, and nutrients it needs, then compare that with the climate where you live. Then, try to adjust your soil, watering, fertilizer, and other nutrients to match.

The other thing you can do is apply yearly fungicides to your tree. There are several ways to go, some fungicides are very chemical oriented while others are fairly natural. Things like apple cider vinegar are deadly to most fungi and you can spray a mixture of water and vinegar onto your tree’s trunk, branches and leaves to prevent most fungal attacks.

On the other hand, there are other diseases and stronger fungi that will need a more potent approach. If you see the signs of decay on the branches of your tree, such as cracked bark, spray on some vinegar and wait. If that doesn’t do the trick, call an arborist and get a firm diagnosis. It may be that you need to have the entire tree sprayed two or three times to kill off a certain disease.

There Are Also Wood Boring Insects That Carry Diseases

Leaf Disease

There are hundreds of wood boring insects, and their larvae, that do plenty of damage to trees. Some can be killed by what is called a systemic insecticide. That’s one that, once it’s sprayed on the tree, it gets absorbed into the system of the tree and kills many wood boring insect larvae from the inside out. Otherwise, it can be almost impossible to reach them once they’ve bored deep into the tree.

In that case, it’s better to call a tree specialist or arborist for your sick trees Fort Worth, in your area to get the exact diagnosis of what disease or insect pest you have. Some insects bring the fungi along with them and that can mask a problem and make it harder to diagnose. An expert will most likely know exactly what to look for and know the disease or pest almost immediately on sight.

There’s nothing like having an expert take a look at your trees once in awhile and give you some good tips on care. You can have them do the work as well, since they’ll have the trained technicians and all the right equipment for the job too.